Cryotherapy featured on Live with Kelly and Ryan

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On Monday, July 9, the incredible Cryo Arctic by CRYO Science was featured on "Live with Kelly and Ryan." This is is the first time cryotherapy has been featured on morning TV, but it's the first time the Cryo Arctic has been in the national spotlight.

Host Ryan Seacrest gives the CRYO Arctic cryotherapy machine a try.

Host Ryan Seacrest gives the CRYO Arctic cryotherapy machine a try.

Cryo Generation offers the Arctic and it's been a major hit with clients at every place we've installed the device. The key points of difference with the Arctic are:

  • It's the safest piece of equipment in the market.  The client has no exposure to nitrogen as the CRYO Arctic takes in room air and uses nitrogen as a cooling agent.
  • From a business standpoint, the Arctic is a smart way to differentiate your business in a market that is dominated by open-top cryo saunas.  Having the Arctic allows your business to command a premium.

The fact that the Arctic treats the area above the shoulders, allows for more effectiveness per session. For people who have autoimmune diseases or migraines, treating the head and neck areas is crucial for relief.

If you want more details on the Arctic by CRYO Science, visit our page dedicated to this revolutionary device. The CRYO Arctic comes in two models, the CRYO Arctic and CRYO Arctic Lite. The original has an auto slider that toggles between a whole body cryotherapy and partial body cryotherapy system, whereas the Lite uses a manual mechanism to open and close the window. That said, the Lite can always be upgraded to match its predecessor.


The CRYO Arctic uses a client-facing screen showing relevant statistics and a dual-tone interior finish. The screen can be added on to the Lite. One hallmark of both models are high quality speakers to play music via Bluetooth and allow for clear audio communication between your attendant and the client.