Local cryotherapy machines

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A dependable workhorse, the Kriosan and Kriosan Plus are consistent performers that are also easy to transport in any vehicle.

An efficient addition for adding cryo-facials and spot treatments to the portfolio.  

Incredibly portable, in less than three minutes the Kriosan is in your vehicle and off to events. 

Technical Specifications

  • Tank size – 50 liters

  • Uses less than one liter LN2 every three minutes at full volume

  • Average # of treatments per tank - 25

  • Temp at outlet - -150 to -160 C

  • 110 volts

  • 23”W x 46” H

  • 72 pounds empty weight

Kriosan Plus

All the great qualities of the Kriosan with a little extra, the Kriosan Plus is outfitted with a stylish front panel and LED accent lights.  

Technical Specifications

  • Tank Size – 30 liters

  • Uses less than one liter LN2 every three minutes at full volume

  • Temperature at outlet - -150 to -160 C

  • 110 volts

  • 23” W x 41” H

  • 66 pounds empty weight


The Penguin by CRYO Science


A sleek, refined, aesthetically beautiful piece of equipment, the Penguin comes with many safety features and an array of pre-programmed settings for cryofacials and cryoliposis (fat freezing) and treating individual body parts.  

  • Highest safety standards through the implementation of a sensor that automaticallymeasures the skin’s temperature

  • Precise area of treatment targeting capability through a projected light from thenozzle to the treatment area

  • Mobile nitrogen vessel

  • Ergonomic handle nozzle equipped with controls that facilitate ease of treatment management

  • Auxiliary arm with a hood supporting the cryogenic hose for ease and comfort of use

  • Optimized operation through an automatic pause and shutdown feature during idletime

  • Universal power supply for 110 and 230 V, 50/60 Hz