The Gold Standard in Whole Body Cryotherapy

Distinguished by its unique design, the JUKA Cryosauna is the most recognized and trusted product on the market, used globally by more medical professionals and professional athletes than any other device. Juka cryosauna delivers a higher density cloud of cryotherapy when compared to any other open-top cryosauna. This results in a faster, and more pronounced fight/flight response in the body. This translates into a true therapeutic benefit rather than just a hormonal stimulation.

  • Safety First: Juka has more dedicated safety protocols than any other cryosauna including a built in O2 sensor adjacent to the patients head which automatically shuts off the nitrogen supply, and a door shutoff switch to ensure that nitrogen does not escape the cabin.  
  • Coldest actual temperatures: Juka’s continuous flow technology delivers immersive, uniform, 360 degree cryotherapy which triggers the most therapeutic response to the body of any cryosauna. 
  • Electric lift: Positions clients safely above the cryotherapy environment. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Five custom finish options.
  • Open top design: Eliminates potential claustrophobia.
  • Optimized for results: Geometric design of inner cabin optimizes convection for improved client results.
  • Heated ventilation system: Minimizes moisture buildup and exhaust used nitrogen.
  • Class III Medical Device in the EU: Juka has the unique distinction of being the only cryosauna listed with this classification.


  • Built-in O2 Monitor
  • Door LN2 Shut off
  • No Idling between sessions
  • Automatic Timed Shutoff


The JUKA Cryosauna comes with a 2-Year warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 220 volt / Single Phase / 20 amps
  • Nominal Power Intake / 1.5 kw
  • Width (door closed): 35.5in
  • Width (door open): 61in
  • Length: 61in
  • Height (with roof): 96in
  • Height (without roof): 88in
  • Cryosauna Cabin Height: 72.8in
  • Cryosauna Weight: 900lbs
  • Max Temperature: -166F
  • Min Temperature: -256F
  • Cabin displays Temp in C and F
  • Cabin displays Time remaining