Discover the Arctic by CRYO Science for the ultimate head-to-toe treatment

Designed with state of the art technology to be the ideal innovative solution for your patients

  • Highest safety standards through the prevention of any patient contact with cryogenic gases; patients only come in contact with cryogenically cooled air
  • Digital storage of patient data and treatment history to ensure fully personalized and accurate treatment recommendations
  • Well-defined and streamlined user interface that is equipped with a digital touchscreen, and a library of °CRYO protocols to ensure a simplified user journey
  • Electrically adjustable window and a temperature control to provide patients with the option to have the treatment with their head safely above the cold temperature environment
  • Breathable air vapor heat transfer technology
  • Heart rate sensor monitor
  • Comfortable and practical interior design
  • Power supply for 110 and 230 V, 50/60 Hz